1. Familiarize Yourself with the Exporter’s Company:
    1. Begin by understanding the exporter’s company: When was it established? What is its background? Does it have a defined vision?
    2. Check if the company has a website and review its content. Focus on understanding the substance rather than the aesthetics of the site.
    3. Investigate if there are any complaints about the company on Google. If so, cross-check with the exporter to ascertain the true facts and understand the situation.
  2. Assess the Exporter’s Online Presence:
    1. Determine the digital footprint of the company. This is crucial because a company with a strong online presence is likely to have invested significantly and aims to expand its business. It’s akin to participating in a trade show.
  3. Evaluate Knowledge, Quality, and Product Source:
    1. Assess the expertise of the company or relevant individuals regarding the product or subject matter.
    2. Ask detailed questions about quality standards, specifications, required documentation for importing into various countries, etc.
    3. Understand where the products are sourced from in the exporting country and whether the exporter deals directly with farmers or intermediaries.
  4. Analyze Product Pricing:
    1. Focus on product quality as the foremost consideration.
    2. Understand the various parameters and variations in each product.
    3. Clearly communicate your expectations regarding quality and inquire about the quality standards offered by the exporter. Be cautious as lower price quotations may indicate inferior quality.
  5. Engage in Video Calls or Physical Visits:
    1. While email communication is common, it’s essential to have video calls to interact with the exporter personally and gain more insights about the product and the company.
    2. Video calls provide a better understanding of the individual and the company’s ethos through direct interaction.
  6. Verify Information:
    1. Once satisfied with the quality, pricing, and payment terms, conduct further verification about the company. This can include checking with local embassies, associations, government bodies, or seeking references from relatives, friends, or fellow businessmen in the exporting country.
    2. Ensure to reach a conclusive decision based on gathered information.
  7. Assess Willingness to Assist the Buyer:
    1. During interactions with the exporter, gauge their authenticity and willingness to provide assistance and information.
    2. Genuine exporters offer helpful suggestions and feedback, even about competitors, demonstrating confidence in their quality and service.
  8. Consider Tradeshow Participation:
    1. Verify if the exporter has participated in trade shows. Participation in such events adds credibility to the company, indicating a long-term commitment to the market.

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